Best beverages to drink in Alaska

Beverages Alaska
Best beverages to drink in Alaska

Alaska is the largest state in the USA. Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867. It is located in the northwestern extremity of the United States of America.

Alaska is famous for its mead. Mead is an alcoholic beverage. It is made of fermented honey with water solution, or fruits, spices, or grains, or plant hops. Mead is honey wine. Meadery is fermenting honey and water solution with yeast. The art originated thousands of years ago. Meads have aphrodisiac qualities, and they can be mild or strong, with alcoholic content ranging from 3.5% to more than 20%. Home brewing has gained popularity in Alaska. Most homes in Alaska make meads. Learn more about meads with eDreams.

Beverages in Alaska

Meads can have different characteristics and flavor. In fact, many factors contribute to the unique taste of meads, including:

  •  The source of the honey: whether it is from fruits or hops.
  •  The additives used, whether these are spices, or fruits
  •  The kind of yeast used for fermentation
  •  The aging procedure: how long the mead has been brewed.
  •  Alcohol content, which depends on the brewing duration.

The best beverages to drink

Brew your own mead, with any flavor and additive. The mead's name depends on the additive which has been added into the solution. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Meade: it is made of white wine and fermented honey. The honey act as sweetener and flavor to the beverage.
  • Pyment: this mead is made of grape juice, sweetened and flavored with fermented honey.
  • Cloves cyser: a mead made of fermented honey, water solution, yeast, and cloves.
  • Apple metheglin: it is made of fermented honey, water solution, apples, and yeast.
  • Melomel: it is another variety of mead, made of fermented honey, water solution, and strawberry or blackberry.

Other possibilities and precautions

Some meads are as sweet as honey and they are served as desserts. In contrast, other meads are used as beverages during the meal, like the sparkling meads and the dry meads. Be cautious of faux-meads! Some vendors sell unbrewed meads which are fermented honey added into wine.

In fact, the honey and the wine should be brewed together for the best taste, with the honey as sweetener and flavor to the beverage. However, faux-meads are made of two separate ingredients which are fermented honey added into white wine. Therefore, always buy your meads from trusted retailers.

Plan your trip to Alaska

If you have never brewed your own beverages before, going to Alaska will be a must for you. If you are familiar with homemade beverages brewing, why don't you go to Alaska to learn more about brewing techniques from the Alaskan people?

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