Discover the gastronomy of Alaska

Discover the gastronomy of Alaska

Whether you are a tourist or just on a visit to Alaska for work, the gastronomy of the region is a must-see. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the many restaurants and addresses of the region will make you discover a gastronomy of the soil. Like in the USA, in Alaska you could not escape the hamburgers, the various typical dishes like seafood and the famous snow crab that awaits you there.

Typical meals

Have you ever eaten a buffalo burger? An elk steak? Reindeer? A giant snow crab? This is an opportunity to try. The fauna that haunts the seas, taiga and tundra regularly finds its way to the menus of restaurants and cafes. Salmon is excellent and what is more, it is without any trace of fat like salmon in other places.

Firm, pink-orange when smoked, tasty, a treat. You will inevitably meet salmon bakes, local barbecues, often organized every summer. It also offers cod and halibut (which sometimes reaches its quintal), which is also very good. Alaska is at the edge of a sea full of fish and shrimp, crabs, salmon and huge halibut are on the menu of most restaurants.

The preparations are not extraordinary, but the quality and freshness of the products make up for this lack of talent. It is also possible to eat reindeer sausage, especially in the form of a hot dog. ­

  • Reindeer hotdog: hot dog with caribou sausage, a tasty meat accompanied by mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, or not! ­
  • King Crab legs: royal crab legs, expensive but delicious. In any good restaurant on the coast, they are served in a bucket of 5, 10 or 15, depending on the market and the appetite. ­
  • Berry jams and chutney: currants, blackberries and wild blueberries grow in abundance in Alaska and the Yukon, and have been the subject of traditional recipes developed by aborigines and adopted by whites for hundreds of years.

Royal breakfast

Alaskans love breakfast. It is important to eat in the morning to fight the freezing cold. In this case, several dishes can be proposed such as a reindeer meat omelet or a caribou sausage with a fried egg, all served on a pancake. Surprising? Astonishing? But always delicious. For less adventurous gourmets, classic European breakfasts are also served.

Do not wait any longer to decide

Amateurs of gastronomy or just big eaters then, a visit to Alaska is required. To find your restaurant on the spot, go to and let yourself be guided through more than a dozen addresses. Especially for meat lovers, The State of North USA offers several typical meat dishes that will delight your taste buds: Bison burger, reindeer steak, caribou sausage or elk meat, taste new flavors.

And for seafood lovers, shellfish and other fish will be delighted with their visit to Alaska. The region bordered by the icy seas has made "King crab legs butter" a specialty, crab meat with a butter sauce. There is not one second to spare so reach out to eDreams now, book your flight and your hotel in Alaska.